Machine Embroidery

Designs and Classes

All About ME – What is it?

All About Machine Embroidery (ME) is a lecture/demo webinar by a National Bernina Educator. Our local Bernina educator, Rose, teaches all about stabilizers, use of threads and how to use embroidery designs in different applications. Learn how to customize designs to use your Bernina to its full capacity. The class is free and a courtesy phone call (656-4999) to reserve your spot would be greatly appreciated. All clubs are free!

Please see our calendar for the Bernina Embroidery Club schedule. Please note that Software Club often complements the same projects that Embroidery Club is working on.

Applique and Other Tricks Your Embroidery Machine Can Do

Did you know you can applique with your embroidery machine? It is so very easy, and every corner will be flawless. You will see two different techniques for applique by machine. We will look at the specialty products that will make life easier. We will also see some other “tricks” your machine can do – from lace to loops to in-the-hoop projects!

In the Right Place

Embroidering ready-made garments can be fun, but sometimes challenging. This class teaches tips on embroidering ready-to-wear, including how and when to open seams, ideal products to use, coordinating designs, and appropriate stabilizers to use. We will also discuss embroidering areas such as collars and cuffs that can’t be hooped in the traditional way. Learn to get a design in the right place – the first time!


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Bernina Dealer Sales Policy

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